I wanted to share this as it means so very much to me. My step-daughter surprised me yesterday with a speech she gave at her school. My heart is absolutely overflowing… 🙂

My Miracle Worker: Pandora Briar Rose

Recently, my class has been looking at a miracle worker to the world, Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller’s miracle worker really. However, I’m not standing here to give a speech about her. I’m standing here to give a speech on MY miracle worker, and her name is Pandora Briar Rose.

Pandora Briar Rose is my stepmother. She currently has two occupations. She works at home. Her first job is as a graphic designer creating and designing advertisements for a company in Oregon called Fire Mountain Gems and Beads; The second, for her own company, Filialuna Designs. For Filialuna, she makes faerie dolls out of polymer clay and sells them. She even has her own website that she created for her own advertising purposes. You may ask, “What is the miracle in a woman who makes dolls and ads and websites? I can do that too!” Well, the miracle IS her websites and ads and, most of all, her dolls.

You see, each of her dolls is completely unique and exquisite. Every doll is different and cannot be reproduced. Her work is totally her own. She teaches herself these tricks and tips to make each doll perfect. She also finds inspiration all around her. From drawings from friends and family members to working in her garden on a summer’s day. I believe that the dolls she creates are miracles because they are each unique and cool and full of life even though they are only made of clay. Each creation is like its own little light that just brings well, light. But you may still be wondering, “Okay, so she makes dolls that make lives brighter. Anybody can! Go to a craft junk shop, get some clay and make one! Easy as pie!” However the thing is that nobody just can!!! It’s hard to explain in few words but I know that these dolls are some kind of a miracle because nobody can make them just right like Pandora. This task is not ‘seemingly impossible’ as it says in the rubric, but not always possible. She has the talent though so it is possible for her.

Qualities she possesses? Pure, hard core artistic talent. (Which undoubtedly has been passed to me!) And also perseverance. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The frustration and hard work that goes into these dolls is amazing. I mean, just try to imagine having a vision in your head and trying to get it onto paper or into clay or some other material and just knowing it has to work because it makes so much sense in your head, just imagine having that but not being able to seize it. I know we’ve all been there more than once. I know I have! She puts so many hours into each of these dolls. Patience is a virtue. It doesn’t reside in all of us, but it certainly resides in Pandora.

Pandora has influenced me in so many ways. She has made me strive to be artistic and has taught me, through many different methods, some of her tips and tricks. She has let me know that pretty much anything is possible, particularly in the world of art and in the world of faeries and magical creatures the boundaries just stretch further for us both. She has made me turn for the better with all of these lessons on art and all of the encouragement she gives me in anything. Whether it be writing or drawing, I can always turn to her for help or friendly advice or just a bit of guidance. I really hope that when I am older, I can start my own business or assist her in continuing hers because that would make me a miracle worker too, at least,in my opinion. – Ali Rose