MEEP!! My new tabletop photo studio has arrived!!!!!!!! ūüôā


I’ve recently been invited to join the wonderful team of Art Dolls Only.


They are a wonderful group of artists whose ‘main focus as a team is to actively promote Art Dolls across the web.’ I am proud and honored to be a new member of the team.

I’ll be participating in their newest team challenge – to create a doll inspired by a favorite Shakespeare character. I am very excited about this! I’ll be creating a new doll based on ‘Lavinia’ from Titus Andronicus. I’ll post WIP images as she is created.

Thanks ADO!!

Here is a list of just a few of the outstanding artists that I have newly discovered as a result. I’ll add even more soon:

loopyboopy Loopy Boopy
blackeyedsuzie Black-Eyed Suzie 
woodedwoods WoodedWoods
goblin The Whimsical Goblin
natdolls Art Dolls by Nat 
archetypal Archetypal Theatre 
mealymonsters Mealy Monsters 
dollings The Dollings

I’ve posted the first three ‘Twisted Poppets’ to my Etsy shop.

They can be found here.

Here’s a photo of the three together.



Long ago there lived a traveling showman named Maximillian whose gregarious ego far outweighed his questionable talents. His greatest attraction, if such could be called, was Maximillian’s Marvelous Menage. The Menage was a paltry collection of self-styled morality-tales, acted out through puppetry. Originally he crafted his own ‘poppets’ by hand, but despite his inflated sense of artistry, he always felt they could be better as did most of those who attended his shows.

As fate would have it, Maximillian accidentally encountered a band of faeries who had unfortunately wandered far from the safety of the Brook. Naturally enthralled and amazed by the diminutive creatures beauty, he managed to trap them, thinking he would put them on display during his shows. It didn’t take him long to figure out that the faeries could easily escape. He also realized that they would make wonderful ‘poppets’. Tragically, Maximillian clipped the faeries wings and set out to ‘train’ them to perform in his Menage.

Initially, the show was slightly more ‘successful’, as his audiences were amazed by the life-like qualities of his ‘poppets’ and wondered at the fact that they couldn’t see any strings. However, deprived of their wings the faeries’ beauty diminished quickly, and their magic became distorted and erratic. Understandably frustrated by their imprisonment and the ever-antagonizing personality of Maximillian, the former faeries became more chaotic and rebellious. Over time, they barely even remembered who or what they were – slowly devolving into the catatonic characters they were forced to be in the show.

Hatred, anger, and melancholy rapidly consumed the ‘poppets’, and Maximillian was the first and most obvious target of their volatile emotions. One evening they conspired against their captor. Summoning their collective magic, broken and blackened as it was, they managed to kill the nefarious showman by willing him into asphyxiation. Free of him but with no place to go, the poppets organized themselves into the ‘Camorra’. They were no longer trapped, yet they moved on in only the loosest sense. To this day they continue to perform the roles they learned in the Menage, acting with unabated spite and maliciousness towards anyone who encounters these ‘Twisted Poppets’.

Poppet #3 is in progress. I’ll start her painting and costuming today.

I’ve also started a new Mourning Bobbin. (She’s the one with the BIG head. ūüėČ

Twisted Poppet #3 and New Mourning Bobbin

Twisted Poppet #3 and New Mourning Bobbin

Here’s an image of Twisted Poppet #3 being started…


¬†I’ve been a member of Rhapsody (sort of like iTunes – but far better, in my humble opinion.) and singing their praises¬†for about 5 years now. For a relatively small monthly fee, you get unlimited access to all their available music, (which is far more extensive than any other paid music service I found. Including some of the more obscure titles/artists that are typically hard to find.)

Full tracks! Anywhere! Anytime! Like iTunes, you can also purchase individual tracks or full albums if you want to burn the music to CD.¬† If you want to transfer tons of music to your mp3 player (depending on the player, of course) you can pay a few dollars extra per month for the ability to transfer the music to your player without even¬†having to purchase the individual songs. I freaking love this service. It’s one of those things I call necessity.

(Ok, I’m done plugging them now.)

So after five years, I just figured out that you can access your music and playlists from anywhere online without having to download the application – though I prefer to use the application when I’m at home in my studio. Doh! I’ve even added a music¬†RSS Feed widget to my blog – something else I didn’t know existed until today.

If you visit my public Rhapsody profile, located¬†here¬†–¬†¬† You¬†can play my favorite¬†songs and full playlists¬†if you are so inclined.¬† Rhapsody rocks my world!

(*Note – You’ll need to turn off your pop-up blocker to launch the player though.)


I just need a nice day or two to get some decent photos of them both. I’ll start on #3 this coming weekend.






Twisted¬†Poppet #2 is¬†nearly finished.¬† Here’s a preview…twisted_poppet2

The Poppets¬†have a story now. I’ve yet to get it onto the site… but soon.

I’m still recovering from a nasty, nasty bug. Have another docs appointment tomorrow morning to see if I’m in the clear.

I am really enjoying working on the ‘twisted poppets’. They speak to me in a way that the faeries did not.¬†

¬†Truth be told, Ooak faeries seems to be a highly over-saturated market currently.¬†The economy being what it is, I’m not surprised that¬†I’ve seen many an artist on Ebay let go of their creations for far less than they are likely worth.¬† It breaks my heart to see some many incredible pieces being lost in the shuffle of low-ball bidders. Yet, if you are trying to build a presence in the art community it does stand to reason that you have to let some of your work go for less.

¬†I’ve never¬†been good at pricing¬†my own pieces. Especially when you spend so much time and effort in their creation,¬†though you want to get your work out there for everyone to enjoy, whatever the medium.

¬†Sorry, rambling thoughts. I’ve had a nasty cold the last few days so my brain isn’t altogether there. I’m taking a break from sculpting and other work¬†to¬†rest – but, I’ll get back to the poppets soon.

¬†*On a side note: I saw a 15 minute preview documentary for ‘Coraline’ yesterday. I’m really, really excited about it. Stop-motion animation is amazing to me¬†and I truly heart Neil Gaiman and Henry Selick (director of¬† Tim Burton’s ‘The¬†Nightmare Before Christmas’). Everything is made by hand, of course¬†– I just know¬†it is going to be brilliant.

The new website design is complete.¬† The main page takes a bit of time to load because I’m terrible about layering elements into a graphic. Once it’s loaded though, the rest of it navigates pretty quickly. I hope you enjoy!

Here’s a¬†preview of the new series I’m working on – ‘Twisted Poppets’